Twist throttle vs. push-button throttle on electric trikes: which is better?

Twist throttle vs. push-button throttle on electric trikes: which is better?

Electric trikes are known for their better stability and ability to carry cargo or haul trolleys. Electric tricycles usually have two of the most common types of throttles that riders can use to propel their bikes using an electric motor: twist throttles and push-button throttles.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the two throttle types and learn how each affects your riding experience. Now, let’s take a deeper look at how each throttle works and propels your electric cargo bike. You may also like: torque and pedalling sensors electric tricycle

Torsion Throttles in Electric Tricycles – How Do They Work?
Just as it sounds, the twist throttle needs to be twisted to activate the electric motor to help you gain acceleration. It is usually placed on the right handlebar and the rider needs to twist the throttle inwards to get help from the motor.

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With an electric tricycle with a twist throttle, you can easily control your speed with a twisting motion. It is very intuitive, just like riding a motorbike that uses petrol; the principle is the same – the more you twist, the faster you accelerate.
Advantages of electric tricycle twist throttle
The twist throttle can be very useful in a variety of real-life scenarios. Imagine you are pedalling your electric tricycle with a heavy load in the rear basket and an intersection ahead. You may want to cross it by taking full control of your electric tricycle to get the correct acceleration. With Twist Throttle, you can do this very effectively as you can easily control the speed.

In addition to this, riding uphill using the Twist Throttle can be very efficient and effective. When it comes to steep uphill climbs, Twist Throttle provides an extra boost of power to help you conquer the slope more easily. It allows you to maintain a consistent speed without excessive effort, making uphill riding more manageable.
The bad? (Not really!)
The only thing that might make it hard to control your electric trike is your gloves. Many gloves (made of cotton or similar material) can cause your hand to slip over the throttle. This is not a solution to the disadvantages of twisting the throttle, but it does require the use of proper gloves with a good grip.

Push button throttle in electric trikes – how does it work?
Unlike the twist throttle, the push button throttle is simply a button that you press and hold to accelerate. Push-button throttle is now an old technology, but most people still prefer it because they find it convenient (different options, different sounds).

Although some people prefer the push button throttle, there are many limitations and drawbacks to the push button throttle electric trike.
Limitations of Push Button Throttle E Tricycle:
There are different real life scenarios where using a push button throttle may get you into trouble.

#1. Steep uphill terrain: When riding on steep uphill terrain, relying on the push button throttle alone may not provide enough power to overcome the slope. In this case, the option of pedalling with the help of an electric motor may be helpful.

#2. Limited Battery Life: E-bikes have a limited battery life, and continuous use of the push-button throttle at high speeds can quickly drain the battery. If you plan to ride long distances or need to conserve battery power, a combination of pedals and intermittent throttle may be more effective.

#3. PRECISE SPEED CONTROL: In situations where precise speed control is needed, such as going through congested areas or getting out of traffic jams or tight spaces, relying on the push-button throttle alone may not be a good option for controlling your electric tricycle. In these situations, having an electric tricycle with a twist throttle can provide more precise control of your speed.

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Safety issue: Using only the push-button throttle without pedalling may result in sudden acceleration, which can get you into trouble, especially if you accidentally step on the throttle while starting or stopping. This can be a safety issue, especially when riding in crowded areas or in close proximity to pedestrians or other vehicles. In this case, a Twist Throttle e trike bike is a safer option.

Mastering the Ride: Tips for Electric Tricycle Enthusiasts
Electric tricycles provide a unique and efficient mode of transportation, combining stability and eco-friendly technology. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a newcomer to the world of electric trikes, these tips will help you make the most of your journey.

I. Getting Started: Familiarize Yourself
A. Know Your Trike
Understanding Controls: Take time to familiarize yourself with the electric trike’s controls, including throttle, brakes, and any additional features.
B. Practice in an Open Area
Initial Rides: Start your journey in an open and spacious area, getting accustomed to handling and maneuvering.
II. Safety First: Protective Measures
A. Helmet Usage
Wear a Helmet: Prioritize safety by wearing a helmet at all times. It’s a crucial accessory for riders of all skill levels.
B. Visibility
Use Reflective Gear: Enhance visibility, especially during low-light conditions, by incorporating reflective clothing and accessories.
III. Riding Techniques: Optimal Performance
A. Balanced Riding
Maintain Balance: Electric trikes are stable, but proper weight distribution is essential. Center your body and distribute weight evenly.
B. Gradual Acceleration
Smooth Acceleration: Start with gradual acceleration to ensure a smooth and controlled ride.
C. Braking Technique
Progressive Braking: Apply brakes progressively to avoid sudden stops, especially in crowded areas.
IV. Battery Management: Prolonging Efficiency
A. Regular Charging
Charge Before Empty: Avoid fully depleting the battery; charge it regularly to optimize its lifespan.
B. Temperature Considerations
Avoid Extreme Temperatures: Extreme heat or cold can affect battery performance. Store your trike in a moderate environment.
V. Navigation and Terrain

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A. Be Mindful of Terrain
Know Your Route: Be aware of the terrain and plan your route accordingly, considering inclines and road conditions.
B. Weather Preparedness
Weather Awareness: Check weather conditions before your ride and dress accordingly. Be prepared for unexpected changes.
VI. Maintenance: A Well-Kept Trike
A. Regular Inspections
Routine Check-ups: Regularly inspect your electric trike for loose bolts, tire pressure, and any signs of wear.
B. Cleaning
Keep it Clean: Maintain the cleanliness of your trike, especially in areas with salt or debris that may affect its components.

Final thoughts – which is better?
From a customer safety point of view, we at HOTEBIKE strongly recommend you to buy a Twist Throttle e trike bike , as it provides you with a safe riding experience and gives you better control over your e trike bike.

HOTEBIKE offers a wide range of cool looking electric tricycles for different needs. You might like to check out our powerful and reliable electric tricycles for adults.

Owning an electric tricycle is a bit heavy to pedal by yourself, but with the right amount of motor power, it becomes very easy for the rider to control the electric tricycle.


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