6 Things You Must Know About Wholesale E-Bikes in China

6 Things You Must Know About Wholesale E-Bikes in China

Considering the growing public interest in cheaper, environmentally friendly commuting options, e-bikes are a lucrative business. As a result, more and more suppliers are looking to stock e-bikes in their stores. However, before you decide to dive in head first, let us give you fair warning that finding the right e-bike manufacturer can be tricky. Why is this? China is the dominant player in the wholesale e-bike market. Lack of experience, language barriers, and different manufacturing standards can make it difficult for newbies to navigate the market.

There’s always someone who can do it cheaper, but is it worth it? Better pricing is one of the reasons why many buyers turn to the Chinese wholesale e-bike market. Every business wants to minimize costs and maximize profits. After all, they still have to pay for shipping, customs clearance and other fees. But even if you’re not that technologically advanced, it always pays to use common sense. If an e-bike manufacturer’s offer is too low, he may compromise on quality.

Some companies send you prototypes before you agree to buy in bulk. This is a good option to use to assess the quality of the product. Establishing better communication, asking for verified quality documentation, and doing a background check on the manufacturer’s past dealings can help you choose a quality e-bike.

Wholesale E-Bikes

It’s also a good idea to assess quality control in the pre-production, production and post-production phases of e-bike manufacturing. An assessment of the pre-production phase may involve looking at the number of employees and testing machinery designated to perform quality control. Agree to unplanned visits during the production phase to assess how well they maintain quality. It is a good idea to have a Chinese person do this task to avoid any information being lost in translation. Finally, post-production inspections and follow-up communications can help build trust and help maintain product quality.

Overseas Warehousing

While exploring the Chinese wholesale e-bike market, you will come across a number of e-bike manufacturers that have warehouses overseas. Haidong is one such e-bike manufacturer, with seven warehouses in the United States, Canada and Europe. This is a great opportunity for Western buyers interested in the Chinese wholesale e-bike market. These warehouses must automatically maintain stock that meets local standards. If you have a wholesale business in Scotland, it is much easier to import from Germany than from China. You can enjoy shorter distances, lower tariffs and easy port clearance. In addition, manufacturers of such e-bikes have a better understanding of the safety and regulatory requirements of each country.


Tariffs affect your total cost of ownership and ultimately the pricing of your product. If not actively considered beforehand, it can spike your original costs to the point where you may incur losses. The EU has imposed countervailing and anti-dumping import duties on Chinese e-bikes. The U.S. has launched a trade war with China, hurting companies and suppliers that work with the Chinese wholesale e-bike market. But e-bike manufacturers have been struggling to cope with these tariffs. Some companies have cooperated with the European Commission in dumping investigations to get lower tariffs. Others manage by selling pedals separately as spare parts; because bikes without pedals are electric scooters, they are exempt from high import tariffs. Some market leaders such as Haidong Retain overseas warehouses to avoid harsh tax policies and other restrictions.

Labeling and documentation

Various countries/regions require proper labeling of products imported for sale. This is, of course, one of the things you need to consider when dealing with the wholesale electric bike market in China. Some of the labels printed on e-bikes include country of origin, WEEE, CE and CCC. in addition to these, destination specific labels may also be required. Therefore, you should communicate all such requirements to the e-bike manufacturer and ensure that the product is compliant.

The next logical step is to keep documentary proof of compliance. The documentation that must be provided when importing your e-bike to your desired destination includes:

Wholesale E-Bikes

Test reports
Battery data sheet
AC adapter data sheet
Inventory of relevant standards
Material Inventory
Risk Assessment
Declaration of Conformity

This is very simple; you need to consult different manufacturers to get the best quote. But things aren’t that simple after all. E-bikes come with different auxiliary features and specifications. More specifications, high-quality components and a higher level of comfort come with a higher price. Therefore, it is vital to know your market. What do bike users want? What are the market trends in which you do business? It will allow you to figure out the types of bikes you’re looking for, the specifications you prefer for those bikes, and the tradeoffs you’re considering to get a better price.

There is a considerable market for custom electric bikes . If you want to go with this option, do your research and consider the extra cost of additional tooling and molds that manufacturers may charge. After completing your homework, you will be in a better position to evaluate offers from various manufacturers in the Chinese wholesale e-bike market. It may be helpful to contact a manufacturer that already supplies e-bikes in Western countries, as they will already understand the program and may be better equipped to assist you.


Bike specifications can make or break your deal. It is worth noting that these bikes are electric and may need to meet a number of safety and regulatory standards before the authorities will allow them to be used on the roads. In addition, China’s wholesale e-bike market attracts dealers from all over the world. As a result, they manufacture e-bikes in accordance with various regulatory requirements. It is relevant to assess in writing whether an e-bike manufacturer complies with all relevant laws. Mechanisms, tests and certificates to prove compliance are then agreed upon.

Let’s discuss some of the extensive specifications that need to be discussed and reviewed with an ebike manufacturer before a deal is struck.


This is probably the most important specification for an e-bike. It is this feature that makes e-bikes the preferred mode of urban commuting. In addition to the type and quality of the motor , you may also want to know about its power. There are regulations related to the power of the motor of an e-bike and the standards vary from country to country. Shared below is the list of countries/regions that allow motor power for e-bikes.

Country Motor (Watt)
1. Australia 200 – 270
2. Canada ~500
3. European Union <250
4. United States <750

Bicycle companies do not produce gears themselves, but buy them from other manufacturers who handle such parts. The type of gears used in a bicycle determines how comfortable it is to ride. For this reason, it is vital to always require the use of parts made by reliable companies.


E-bikes usually use lithium-ion batteries. The quality of these batteries varies in terms of capacity, lifespan and weight. Most of the time, you will find manufacturers sourcing batteries from well-known brands. You owe it to yourself to ask for documentation specifying the model, battery type and brand, as well as proof of compliance. This is a requirement for obtaining customs clearance for your goods.


Always choose a charger that complies with the electrical safety standards applicable in the country where you are importing. Maintain compliance-related records, such as test results and certificates of compliance for the exact charger model you purchased.

We’ve shared some of the most valuable considerations for those interested in the wholesale electric bike market in China. This includes information on specifications, quality, price comparisons, and regulatory requirements. As with any other business, wholesaling e-bikes requires a lot of research, comparisons of technological advantages, and best price points. Generally speaking, Chinese e-bikes offer an economical alternative. However, it is critical to consider import tariffs and logistics costs to ensure your business is profitable. It is wise to evaluate manufacturers based on quality control and quality assurance measures. It can save you time, money and a lot of hassle.

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